Friday, December 08, 2006

Forgive Me, For I Have Not Blogged... quite a while. I know I said that with a lovely new computer at home I would Blog more to keep you lovely people (who bother to read this) up to date. :::flashed a big smile at my sweetie::: And he made it so...but I have failed along the way. Forgive me, I will be better. At least, I'll try.

So in November Emma and I were once again a traveling pair. Our stop in Cheyenne was brief and good but not filled with much sleep. Emma was teething badly and hit a temp of 102 degrees sending her poor mama into a panic. It was only with the calm voice of her Grandma Bea (a nurse for many years and mother of four that all lived through teething just fine) that we all made it through without me running her to the hospital in a panic. *phew*

After being home for a whopping 24 hours the entire family went down to Las Vegas, NM for some heavy gambling and hard drinking...just kidding! Just outside of Vegas we actually met up with Nana and Grandpa Roger for a few days of visiting, some amateur poker playing at the kitchen table and turkey eating (thanks to Joyce and Jerry for having us). It was really nice to see them and learn that Morgan and I aren't half bad at playing Texas Hold'em. We just won't test that in Vegas for real money. :)

In the meantime, it's been Christmas parties for Emma and for us. Oh, and we got our Holiday Pictures taken, too. Aren't they adorable? Enjoy!