Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green and Growing Things

The apple tree out back is blossoming as of this very morning.

Emma and I worked in the garden on Saturday and the legacy rhubarb is alive and thriving. You know, the rhubarb plants that came from my Father's home in Wyoming that he transplanted from his Grandmother's farm in Wisconsin. After my father died, I had Morgan bring me some of those plants when I started my garden last year. They were so scrawny I was afraid they wouldn't make it. I can remember sitting in the grass and almost crying, "I know my Dad is dead now but would you at least let the plants live? Please?!?"

Small blessings come every day.

Thank you, God.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad News

My hard drive is crashing. I have been promised a new one since this computer is under warranty but it might take a few more days. I can't even read what I am typing at this moment because my poor computer is so fried. Blah. Will talk with all of you and post more when my computer works again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

coming this week...

It's Wednesday and already it's been a crazy week. Monday saw a sick Emma, the news that my hard drive is crashing. (Apparently it's in a slow downward spiral. It still works...for the moment.) Tuesday I canceled my day classes to stay home with Emma and make sure she wasn't going to throw up anymore. Oh joy.

For the rest of the week I'm planning:

* To make this dress for Emma in a fabric that matches one of my skirts that she's fallen in love with. Then she can stop running around the house with my skirt that is 23 times too big for her.

* Finish Yellow Duck. He now has two legs, but no arms yet. I'm still knitting the arms.

* Read lots of papers from my classes and finish editing the final exam.

* Bake more bread. The Artisan Bread book is awesome and the Cheese Bread recipe is my favorite so far. Especially with an egg wash. YUM!

* Playgroup on Friday and BBQ on Saturday.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Keep you warm

The dinner went fine and it turns out that I am not the lowliest of the low at my work. About 47% of classes taught at my work are taught by Adjuncts and I now realize that I am surely not the only one with just a Masters degree. And it could be worse, I could be a Yoga teacher instead of an Economics teacher.

Moving on...I knit something!

Pattern: Dolores Park Cowl by Parikha
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick & Quick in Pine
Mods: The yarn I used was a bit heavier than the pattern was written for so I ended up with a much bigger cowl than intended. No worries, that just means it won't muss up the hair as much going on. This is actually for my sister-in-law, Evette, who came out to visit last week with her two sweet girls. I offered to knit her something and when I showed her the Dolores Park Cowl she really liked it so here it is! Now, I just need to mail it to her...

I need to make myself one of these because it is sooooo nice and warm. Only in something super-soft like Alpaca. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Turn up the heat

Freshly baked bread! Homemade apple butter! Few things are as satisfying as those "I-made-it-myself-and-boy-does-it-taste-great" moments. I found this book from this blog and as soon as our local library had it available it was in my hot little hands. Since then we've made fresh bread and calzones. *sigh* It has the stamp of approval from this household. Go on, give it a try. No doubt, you will love it, too.

Other fun news: I'm going to be teaching more! I will teach three classes this summer and two more in the fall. This job is so much fun and a really great experience for me...hopefully for my students, too. Today I'm a little nervous because I have a social to go to tonight for adjunct faculty. I look young for my age and I am young to be teaching at a university so I'll most likely be the youngest and least educated faculty member at this dinner. *gulp* Well, I guess this is when we have to "act as if." My high school class didn't vote me Most Charming for nothing. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I have married the best man in the world. Emma had her first tumbling class yesterday and it was a very nice 50 minute break from her usual crying, hysterics and whining. I have no idea what happened to my sweet little girl but this new one is driving me nuts! To my credit, I did not lose my temper or cry yesterday...the same cannot be said of Emma.

When Morgan came home I was sitting on the front couch (while Emma was being distracted by a movie thankyouGod!) hunched over a sock, knitting and mumbling. Bad sign. His response, "Can I take my two girls out to dinner?" Perfect. I love this man so much.

I was so exhausted that after we got home from dinner I found PJ's for Emma and myself at the same time. Little girl crawled into our big bed for her story time and then Morgan tucked us both in, gave us a kiss and turned off the lights. That's right. I went to bed at 8:15!

Heaven is a warm bed and a good night's sleep.