Friday, March 23, 2007

ADD in a knitter

So, many years of school and a couple of degrees later I have run into a problem I never knew I might have. I swear I must have the knitter's version of Attention Deficit Disorder. To my shame, I began a new sweater for Emma yesterday. "But, Lisa, why is that a shame?" you ask. Because I already have one sweater, a summer wrap, a knitted toy, a pair of cotton slippers and a pair of fingerless mitts already on the needles. Now really, that's a bit ridiculous.

At the same time, I have no will power when it comes to yarn. Emma and I went to the local yarn shop to visit a bit and kind of say good-bye since we close on our new house right after we get back from our trek to Colorado and won't be stopping by again (unless I choose to make the 80-mile round trip drive to visit...which I might on rare occasions). I bought more yarn for more projects. In my defense, it was Cascade 220 and therefore relatively inexpensive for 100% wool. Oh, and I bought a mondo-skein of cheap-but-oh-so-soft-and-cute yarn to make Emma's new sweater from when I stopped by JoAnn's earlier that morning. See? No will power at all.

So, I'm off to do lots of laundry, pack our bags and run away to Colorado to visit family for a week. See you on the other side!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


In this week's flurry of dress-making havoc I totally forgot to post about our visit to Hogle Zoo on Sunday! We had a great time and there's just something so fun about going to the zoo. Emma loved the monkeys and the elephants, but the peacock's call scared her. I forgot how loud those little guys are. Wow! We also rode the little adventure train and I must say it was a bit lousy for the grown-up crowd, but Emma liked just riding on the train. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I finished the evil dress! Something that was supposed to be so simple was actually pure evil in the form of a dress. I measured myself (three times to be sure) and selected my size. I have to admit I was a bit sad about having to cut out the largest size of the pattern but resolved myself to it. But what have we here? After I sewed the major seams and I tried the dress on it fit me like a paper bag!!! WTH?!?! After much himming and hawwing and consulting with the Mother-in-law that is so much smarter than I am three separate times, I took the dress in about three inches around the body. Three inches people! And they call themselves pattern makers. Ha! (Note: the top corner of the pattern says "easy" what a bunch of liars.)

Long story and much agony shortened: I finished it tonight then went out to get another Mommy's opinion. It passes muster, says Erin. Now I only have one more dress to sew this week and I can lay off it for a while. :)

Doomed and other fun stuff

Have you ever felt that a project might be doomed from the start? I pick a nice and easy dress pattern to make my first summer dress from. Should be simple. Only four pieces to the entire dress, no darts, no zippers because it's made with stretch knits (like what your sweatshirts are made from, minus the fuzzy). That was my first mistake. What an amazing pain in the tush to pin, cut and sew. Not to mention when you screw up the most visible seam it's a massive pain to tear that seam out because you don't want to snag a single thread, or else you could end up with a massive run right down the front of your dress. *sigh* This dress might be doomed. Cross your fingers for me and hope Emma takes a nap today (unlike her screaming fits of yesterday) so I can work on it more.

Alas, there is some light. I finished a couple of knitting projects in Feburary and March that I never posted. For your viewing pleasure we have the Math Geek Scarf from Alchemy Yarns done in Cascade 220 for my friend Sally. I haven't taken pictures of the other ones yet but someday I might. :) Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Dress!

Emma and I happily declare that spring is here! I decided to act on my sewing bug and made her a new spring dress. Yesterday evening I dug through my sewing box(es) and found this pattern I bought earlier when they were on sale for $1 and used the fabric from her baby sling. It's a bit big because my choices were size 1 or 2 and I figured she can grow into it if it's a big roomy. After all, we have all summer ahead of us!

Pattern: Simplicity 4203
Fabric: Batik from a quilting store

I'm actually planning on making her another dress in the size 1 with no ruffles or tiers in the skirt with some calico I have laying around. Maybe I'll finish that one in a day, too and post it tomorrow. Hehehehe!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

maybe I'm not crazy

As I was thinking about my summer sewing endavors that lie ahead I remembered that I have some planned for Emma, too. Then I thought of the dress set I made for her last summer that was waaaayy too big and thought I should try it on her. It's so cute!!! I can't wait until I have the space to work on her new summer clothes and mine and I'm already itching to start. Spring has offically come and knitting just seems too warm of a pastime now. Plus, I have a hatred of shorts and capris only keep you so cool and the light dresses will be so nice in the heat.

In which our lady discovers she is a featherhead

So, I think I've come to the point of...something.

Background: Yesterday Morgan calls me to tell me he has a big surprise for me. Mostly he just enjoys taunting me, but he also can't keep a secret a secret (but neither can I so it's okay). He comes home and tells me I just won the lottery because I get a tidy little sum of fun money. "Yay," says I. I continue in my excitement with, "That's awesome because I wanted to buy some fabric to make myself some new summer dresses!"


Let's think on this, shall we. It took me a full three hours to realize that I could actually just go buys some new summer dresses instead of buy fabric to make them. That sound you hear is me smacking myself on the forehead. I really am a featherhead. I have come to the realization that there is something very different about me. I know, you're all wondering what took me 25 years to figure this out. But really, maybe it's just this strange obsession I have with making myself (and those I love) things. Morgan thinks it's a hobby, but it might actually be a mental illness of some sort. Because, in all likelihood I am just going to go buy fabric and make dresses (I already have the pattern!!!) instead of buy the actual dresses. You can all say it now: "Featherhead!"

Friday, March 09, 2007

Gush Gush

I have the best baby (toddler) EVER. I know I whine about her when she's a pain, but that's only because they're so rare that those times stick out in my mind and drive me bonkers. Emma is so lovely, sweet, friendly and well-behaved. We went to the yarn shop this morning for 2 hours. Two! Count them, that's 120 minutes of well-behaved, curious but distractable toddler that picked up the crackers she sprinkled on the floor, gave back the knitting needles she tried to steal and danced like a cute little girl after she monkeyed with the radio (making it a totally forgivable transgression by all in the shop). The owner loves to see us when we come in (and trust me, it's not for how much money I spend there because I'm kinda cheap, as we all know) and remembers Emma's name every time. Plus, she's really quiet when we're there. I think it's because she's too busy checking everything out and trying to decide which yarn she wants me to knit her next sweater in, but let them think it's because she's so well brought up. *wink*

Anyway, angel is sleeping right now because all that yarn just wore her out. If the sunshine keeps up I think we'll make our daily trip to the playground and mailbox and snack on some chicken nuggets. Man, life is soooo rough around here.

P.S. I got kisses during breakfast this morning.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pink and Purple?

I'm now making some slipper socks for my brother-in-law and everyone laughs because they're pink and purple. I've been trying to work out the logic for his request of pink-and-purple slippers and I figure it's either because 1) I threatened my father-in-law with pink-and-purple slippers when he asked for some and now my brother-in-law is calling my bluff OR 2) he wants them to be so girly no one will steal them (he's stationed in Afghanistan). Maybe even both. The thing is, I'm so in love with them I might be simple. I love them so much I'm thinking of making eleventythree pairs for everyone I know and myself because hey, if I love them everyone else will too, right? Er, maybe.

So here's a picture of the finished cabled booties pattern and mine so far. We loves them. (Did I mention that already?)

Emma's Sweater

Emma's sweater is done! Yay! My very first sweater is now complete and ready to be shown off. Here our lovely model runs around the house...and unlike most models she can be bribed with food! I made the sweater a bit big (size 2 yrs) so that she'll still fit into it this coming fall and winter. Right now it's a bit huge on her, but she walks around petting it while she wears it. Talk about a girl after my heart!

Pattern: Lion Brand Little Kimono
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in Happy Valley (2 hanks) - a superwash worsted weight wool
Started Sunday Feb 25 and finished Monday March 5
Modifications: I added a seed stitch around the bottom and cuffs to keep it from rolling because I really like the way the seed stitch looks with this yarn. Also, I made the sleeves a lot longer than the pattern since I hate short sleeves. I added buttons to the sides since it's easier than trying to get a toddler to hold still while you tie their sweater closed. :)

Friday, March 02, 2007


Okay, it's sinking in. Or maybe that sound is actually my upstairs neighbor thumping around again during Emma's nap time. Have I mentioned before how happy I will be when we no longer live below someone who walks like a cave troll? Moving on...

I've been fantasizing about the new house (yes, the honeymoon has begun and will last until we move in) and after I saw this yesterday, I just drooled. I mean, really. I want a knitting/sewing room that looks that pretty and is that organized. I'm already rubbing my little hands together and planning it in my little head. Of course, the decor of the room will vary depending on which room I end up with since they all have a different color of carpet. Oh, did I neglect to mention that? Yes, each room of the house has a different color of new carpet. I have no idea why this bizarre decoration choice occurred but since it's all new carpet I really don't mind. Everyone else can think it looks strange, but who cares?

In my world of knitting I've been making progress on Emma's sweater...then tearing it out because that is the price you pay when you make things up and choose to modify the pattern when it's your first sweater. *sigh* Anyway, I just have one more sleeve to knit and then it all gets put together. Expect pictures of it soon!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It Begins!

So it's official! We have a signed contract on a house and let's hope everything goes smoothly. It hasn't quite hit me yet but it will soon. *phew* The process has been really drawn out up till now because we offered, they countered, we countered their counter and they finally accepted. I swear they must live in Brazil or something because they've overshot every deadline by like 5 hours. Their agent told our agent they've moved already (which would explain the lack of furniture in the house) and the nearest computer with Internet is 30 minutes away or something crazy. Can you imagine having to travel 30 minutes just to check your e-mail? *gasp* The horror!

Here's a picture of the front of the house and it has a whopping 1650 sq ft and 4 bedrooms. Perfect for when we convert to Mormonish and start our 8-child family. Ha ha ha. Not.

Anyway, wish us luck and fun!