Monday, October 30, 2006

Lions and TIGERS and Bears, Oh My!

Miss Emma went a partyin' with all the other babies and she went as a tiger! Oh My! But she wasn't the only tiger at the party. And she discovered if she's quick enough she can steal rice crispy treats right off Mama's plate. Who knew tigers ate rice crispys?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cutie Pie

We just got some pictures of Emma developed and she is such a little cutie pie...even though she's standing next to me screaming right now. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cranky Pants

Emma has been little Miss Cranky Pants lately when it comes to letting anyone feed her and I figured out why this morning. Kiddo has not one, not two, but THREE teeth working their way out. One of her top front teeth is 85% in but the two teeth to either side of the front ones are also coming in. I would be crabby, too!

Last week I decided to let her try to feed herself...yogurt. What a mess but cute so hence the messy pics. Mostly I think she used it as finger paint.

Also, we have a new record for how many steps she's taken: six. My baby girl is no longer such a baby. *sniff*

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

She took her first step!

Emma took her first step on Sunday when we were playing with her and since then she's been going like crazy. Just this morning she took four steps in a row!! Wow, how our baby has grown. It seems like just yesterday she was so tiny and look at her now. Next she's going to want to drive.

Also, we bought her Halloween costume today and she's going to be a Tiger!! Sooo cute. :) Lisa is going to be, you guessed it, a witch. Hehehehehe. I'm sure you're all shocked. Morgan is undecided, big surprise. :*

We finally found her little Touch & Cuddle Hedgehog by Fisher Price at the oddest place - K-Mart. The entire family has seriously been hunting for this toy since I saw it in Parents Magazine last November. 11 months later... Geez! The good news is she loves it. The nose sqeaks and it's so bright and soft. :D Spoiled baby.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Off and Running

Life is calming down a bit and Emma and I are getting a bit more settled in Salt Lake City. This morning we went to a playgroup with other mommies and babies and it was a lot of fun but very noisy! Poor Emma felt a little picked on as she got hit in the head by a flying ball (I'm still amazed a what a great shot that was by the other little girl! Right in the front of the noggin!) and then a little boy wanted to play with her ponytail and grabbed her hair. Poor baby! Other than that she had a good time and had to tell me all about it on the way home.

Yesterday we all went hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon up by Brighton Ski Resort. We were looking for the trail that would take us to Lake Mary and just kinda ended up in an aspen grove somewhere... Hahaha Either way, we had a good time and Emma loved riding in her Kelty backpack. Thanks Matt! :)

In more good news, Morgan's grandmother is coming home from the hospital today. She was in pretty bad shape for a bit and they thought they were going to do surgery to repair her damaged artery (high blood pressure gone unchecked for several years). We're all very glad to know she's headed home and will keep her in our thoughts.