Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From us to you

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas, from our home to you.

P.S. Then go make yourself a Peppermint Patty. Make a cup of hot cocoa and add a jigger of peppermint schnapps. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Our little girl turned two on Saturday and I'm still a little shocked. Can she really be two years old? Where did the time go?

No matter. Happy Birthday, Emma!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Net Total

As Annie points out, there are things we lose along the way to becoming parents. Today I've been thinking about all those little things. They include:
-a belly ring
-red mini skirt (size 4) ~for some reason this one wounds me deeply
-the ability to relax while shopping
-going to movies in the theater
-overnight backpacking trips
-playing pool
-sleeping in on weekends
-sleeping all night, period
-taking showers alone
-never discussing "poop-ey"
-swearing when frustrated
-feeling righteous (instead of guilty) about working

But ho, this list would not be complete without looking at the other side of the coin. Any good analyst looks at the "Pros" along with the "Cons" when balancing a situation. What has being a parent gained me? Let's see...
-an entertainer
-more patience than I ever thought I had
-a fresh take on all the little things in life like flowers, animals, rainbows and snow
-someone to blame when I'm cranky for no good reason (hey, I'm sure she blames me, too when she's cranky)
-becoming one of the most important people in my daughter's life
-a reason to stay home and not have to rush off to a job every morning
-someone who appreciates home-made tomato soup
-an unlimited supply of kisses and giggles
-a reason to buy new clothes every 3 months
-waking up to "Good morning, beautiful" and a hug from my little girl

All in all, I'd say it's well worth the sacrifice. Besides, the only thing on the the first list that I can't ever get back is the red miniskirt. And even if I did fit into it, why would I want to wear it now? I'm someone's mommy.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Get Well Footies

A while back I bought some malabrigo in this fun colorway, Tigerlilly, to use when I needed a pick-me-up. When I came down nasty with a cold a few weeks back I decided it was time for a bit of fuzzy indulgence and get-well knitting. I finished one footie and started to feel better so I left the second undone. Apparently that was just leaving the door open for me to get sick again (which I did, right after Thanksgiving) so I had to finish the other one to keep from getting sick anymore.

Emma spies me using the camera and must come in for a closer look.

"Look at me! I have to be in the picture, too, Mom!"

Pattern: Cabled Footies from One Skein
Yarn: 1 hank of malabrigo in Tigerlilly
Modifications: I did a short row heel on these and a rounded toe. I think it's called a star-toe but I'm not sure. (It's when you *k6, k2tog* repeat for one round, knit one round, *k5, k2tog* repeat for one round, knit one round...)

I really love this pattern and it's the third time I've knit it. I'm not much for doing the same thing twice but this one is a winner in my book. It's fast, pretty, wearable and warm. When I showed them to my husband he asked me who they were for. "Me!" I said. "About time," was his response. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Baby Feet

I have a serious weakness for baby feet. Always have. Always will. I remember back when I wasn't interested in having children and the two things that always got me were baby shoes and paint swatches. Something about dressing tiny feet and painting children's rooms appealed to a part of me not governed by logic and the desire to sleep.

When Emma was born I can still remember those round little toes, soft soles never walked on and her narrow little heels that wouldn't keep cute little shoes and socks from falling off. I have footprints from when she was a week old that still make me melt.

In keeping with my love of baby feet, I've been busy making Christmas gifts for those little baby feet I see most often.

I found this pattern from the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog and it's so simple yet adorable. The pattern is for 0-6 months but I think it could go a bit beyond that. Not far enough for me to make Emma a pair, but I think it might fit up to 9 months on a small child. This blog has so many cool gift ideas that I need to get crackin' if I want to get a few more projects done in time to mail!

Saturday, December 01, 2007