Wednesday, October 11, 2006

She took her first step!

Emma took her first step on Sunday when we were playing with her and since then she's been going like crazy. Just this morning she took four steps in a row!! Wow, how our baby has grown. It seems like just yesterday she was so tiny and look at her now. Next she's going to want to drive.

Also, we bought her Halloween costume today and she's going to be a Tiger!! Sooo cute. :) Lisa is going to be, you guessed it, a witch. Hehehehehe. I'm sure you're all shocked. Morgan is undecided, big surprise. :*

We finally found her little Touch & Cuddle Hedgehog by Fisher Price at the oddest place - K-Mart. The entire family has seriously been hunting for this toy since I saw it in Parents Magazine last November. 11 months later... Geez! The good news is she loves it. The nose sqeaks and it's so bright and soft. :D Spoiled baby.

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