Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So little time

First, an annoucement: Emma and I (Lisa, of course) will be in Cheyenne the 16th through the 21st visiting my stepmom, Bea. If you would like to get together and visit you can give me a call since I still have the same Wyo number or e-mail/write a comment with your number. I'll delete your comment soon after if you post your phone number so it's not floating in cyberspace. Now I feel like a secret agent giving instrucions for a dead-drop... Anyway...

Thanksgiving is quickly coming and that means Christmas is soon on it's heels. I realized this on Sat when Janelle and I went to a craft show with Emma and all the Christmas stuff was out. "Holy Cow!" says I, "There's so much knitting left to do!" This year I'm trying to knit most of my gifts and I'm doing alright, but I keep coming up with more projects and more people I want to give gifts to and it's getting a little scary. This morning Morgan eyed me and said, "Sweetie, I think you should just stick with trying to finish what you have. You'll be lucky to do that," when I showed him my newest cool project/gift idea. Doubting Thomas. I will finish them all!!! Hahahah!

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Elizabeth said...

Miss you guys...why do plane tickets have to be so expensive??? Or better yet, why do we have to be so poor?! I completely understand having 10 projects going all at the same time - and I saw the coolest knitting pattern that I have to show you!