Saturday, November 08, 2008


I finished a quilt and a shirt...but I can't show you pictures. Not because we don't have a camera anymore, our dear friends Ben & Erica gave us a beautiful new one as a sweet sweet gift, but because said camera is on a road trip. Morgan's father had a heart attack (a very mild one) and then open heart surgery (a very big one) so Morgan and Emma have gone to be with him. My heart and thoughts are with them all these past few days and I'm at loose ends with very little to occupy me.

Hence, the shirt making. And then the shopping... I hate shopping. No wait, I love getting pretty happy new clothes and there's no such thing as too many clothes but when I bring them home and half of them don't fit I just want to shove them down the garbage disposal and never look at them again. Really, inanimate objects shouldn't be able to taunt me.

Now it's time for hot cocoa and a movie because I have no idea what else to do with myself.

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