Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Knitting Update

Now that we have a working camera in our home again, it's time for project pictures! I haven't been idle these past few months and you all have been more than patient. (I say "you all" as if I have some huge following. Allow me my delusions of grandeur.)

Let's start with the most recent knitting projects.

Turn A Square hat by brooklyntweed for my niece, Kayla, for Christmas. These are her school colors and I figured (like every crazy knitting aunt does) that she needed a spiffy hat to accent her awesome letter jacket. Go Kayla!

I'm sure she'll like it and if I have enough time I'm going to try to make matching gloves. My favorite part about this hat is that the round stripes become squares at the crown due to the decreases.

My other recently finished knitting project is a new pair of felted slippers for me. Same pattern as last time (Mohair Ballet Slippers by Bev Galeskas) but in new colors. I think I like my old ones better but nothing lasts forever so when I make my next pair I'll try to find something besides pepto bismol pink.

And that's all on the knitting front that's finished for now. Up next: sewing/quilting update!


Jessica said...

you are so talented!

Marie said...

Lisa, it is amazing the crafts you have created. I love the hat!!!! Does Utah have craft shows? I bet you could sell everything you make. Marie