Monday, November 21, 2005

I can't wait until there are no more feet in my ribs...

We have now passed the 35 week mark and are slowly making progress towards the due date. I'm somewhere between very excited to meet our new baby and just wanting the feet out of my ribs and the backaches to go away. Either way, I'm ready and so is Morgan. The funny thing is I have no doubt the day will come and I'll look back with rosy glasses thinking, "I wish I was pregnant again."

Between getting Christmas presents ready, working on my Plan B (Thesis) and preparing the nursery for Widget, life has been a bit busy.

We have our next doctor's appointment next Monday and I know I'm going to be scolded. The doctor wants us to get another ultrasound but I'm a bit reluctant. When they did the last ultrasound they discovered that Widget has a two blood vessle umbilical cord instead of a three-vessle cord. Everything looks fine with baby but our doc wants another ultrasound to make sure. The thing is, I hate getting ultrasounds. I mean, it's great to see the baby and watch it move but it hurts. They push so hard on my stomach that by the time they're done I ache all over and all I can do for the rest of the day is rest. Blah.

Also, I need to send out a hello to my brother dearest, Matt. I know he'd be happy to see his name in cyberspace so, "Hello, Matthew Darling!" Are you excited about being an uncle, yet?

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Yolanda said...

Hi Elizabeth!
You have probably already had the extra ultrasound. That's good.
We love you.
Yolanda & Ken