Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New meaning to "Lil' Squirt"

Another week and we're all still here. Morgan went back to work this week and boy, I never realized how time consuming it is to try to run errands with a little baby. For starters you have to make sure she's dry, fed and packed and by the time you've taken care of one thing another needs to be attended. Then there's the stupid baby carrier. We ran around town yesterday and my back is still aching from lugging that infant car seat around. Today we're trying the baby sling that I made and so far so good. It's a lot lighter than the carrier and I can still use both hands (I'm actually wearing it right now and she's loving it!). We might have found our new solution! :)

Emma is getting more alert by the day and has a new talent...for peeing on men. I never knew little girls could squirt, but Morgan swears she's peed on him twice and last week she managed to get my dad out the side of her diaper when he was holding her. Poor man, his shirt was soaked on the front. Hehehehehe. Let's just hope she keeps her hydraulic talents trained on men and that someday she outgrows it...but not just yet. *wink* I'm having fun laughing at Morgan and Emma together.

More pictures coming this week...my dad is scanning them for me, so sit tight and check back in a bit. Till then!

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