Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We're all doing well

All is well in the house as Emma gets settled in. Morgan took the week off work so we could all get situated after his mom left. We need to learn to fend for ourselves more but to be honest, we're just enjoying the time together.

On Monday, Emma went on her first shopping trip. Gymboree was having a huge sale since it's after Christmas and we went and bought her some cute little girly outfits. She now has a little pink and cream striped jumper with bunnies on it, a pink-plum colored courdory dress with bloomers, an "Angel" sweater, and another little girly sleeper for this summer. She's adorable and I can't wait to dress her up in her new stuff. My Uncle Gary and Aunt Connie also sent us some really cute pink and purple onesies that she'll look cute in. As much as I said I wanted a boy, I'm so happy with a little girl. How else would I get away with putting her in four outfits per day? ;)

Also, she's been holding her head up. Not for long periods and not all the time, but when you put her up on your shoulder to burp her she'll push up and lift her head up and look around. Wow! I didn't think such little babies could do that.

Best for last, I think she's learning her name. If you say, "Emma" she'll start looking around until she finds your face. *sigh* I'm so happy with her and Morgan is completely in love with our new baby girl. We really are so lucky. Until later....

P.S. Matt- I'm at the library writing this and Emma is really enjoying running around in her Chariot. :) Thanks again for such a cool gift.

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Grandma Jean said...

Enjoy so much reading your blog, it's so interesting and am happy for you both. Emmaline is fortunate to have such great parents. Blessings to all. Love Grandma Jean