Saturday, January 27, 2007

Death and Taxes

I just finished doing our Federal and (two) State income taxes and Emma just learned some new swear words. Only took me 3 hours. Bah humbug! The state ones piss me off to no end. We had to pay Colorado state income taxes for half the year (even though we never lived there) and Utah state income taxes for the other half. What really gets me is that they don't say, "Okay, you made X amount of money here so pay us taxes on that part." Oh no! They say, "Tell us how much you made total this year, calculate how much state tax you would pay on the entire amount and then just pay us part of that." Essentially, they make sure they can figure your tax amount on how much money you made in another state (or if I was working, how much I made, too even when I never worked in Colorado) and then have you pay them a portion of that amount. Colorado gets money from what Morgan made in Utah and Utah gets money from what Morgan made in Colorado. How friggin stupid is that!!!!!

Anyway, if you're totally lost now...forget it. Just know they're the two things you can't aviod: Death and Taxes!

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