Friday, November 16, 2007

Crafty Mommy

This week has just been a madhouse every day it seems. Since I was out of commission and let Emma watch way too many movies I decided this week would be about books, games and crafts instead of screen based entertainment,

On Monday we went to the library and found more Thomas the Tank Engine books. I have no idea why she's so obsessed with trains right now, but she is. It's too funny to hear her go "choo choo" every time she hears one passing through.

On Tuesday we made beads and Christmas ornaments from flour dough that Emma painted after I baked them. They are so cute and super simple. I know Emma's Grandparents will be happy to have little ornaments painted by the Little Miss herself. :)

On Wednesday I made edible PlayDough and we had some friends over for a bit of squishing fun. It was so great! The playdough turned out perfect and the kids had a great time. I put a plastic table cloth on the floor and gave them my rolling pin, some cookie cutters, plastic forks and knives, and a cookie dropper. They proceeded to make cookies, snakes, snowmen, stars, hearts and all sorts of fun shapes. I just love watching kids use their imaginations to play!

Yesterday Emma and I trekked to Salt Lake City to visit with a friend and along the way we visited a store (new to me) called World Market. I finally found the Indian spices I need to make a proper Chicken Makhani. Yay!!

Today has been pretty busy so far, too. This morning we had friends over again and let the moms chat while the kids played. I know Emma's still young, but I really like the thought of her having regular playmates and "friends" around her age. My brother-in-law and his sweet girls should be here this evening so I've been bustling around doing laundry and making Pumpkin Muffins. I hope your weekend is great!


Ben & Erica said...

Your week sounded so great, busy but great. Mine was busy too but not so great, ER visit and follow up appointments and lots of blood work and 4 ultrasounds, but the news came out pretty good so I feel a little better. Maybe I can get crafty now and get my christmas stuff done. Miss you guys! Love Ben, Erica & Nick

Sarah said...

WOW! That sounds like such a great week. I am jealous. Please let me know how you made the flour ornaments. I'd love to do that with Bridgett. Those pumpkin muffins look fabulous, did you use real pumpkin or the canned variety? Bridgett is addicted to muffins right now and i have a pie pumpkin I've been meaning to use. Also, let me know about the edible playdough I bet Bridgett would love that. I also believe kids should start to have regular friends, even at a young age. I hope that Bridgett is making friends at her daycare.