Monday, July 21, 2008

Peace Time

Did you all hear that?

It was this massive sight of relief in our household. We caved and gave Emma back her pacifiers and since then she's been napping, sleeping and even eating. Who knew? And we figured out what's up with Miss Fussy Pants. Yesterday I discovered that she has a molar breaking through. Also, after a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Household we think her "try and make me" attitude has a lot to do with her adjusting to life with Dad home all the time. Mom she knows to a tea and knows just how far she can push me, but Mom+Dad and Dad Alone are whole different animals.

Bottong line: we think she's testing the waters and with a new molar coming in and a lack of sleep she was having a riot in the house. Thankfully, peace has been restored and we are all much more well rested and happy. :)

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Naomi said...

I wouldnt worry too much about the pacifier. Kris used his until he was 4 and at that time handed it over without too much of a fuss. (In his mind we were giving it to baby Julia a friend's child who had been born around the same time) Tristan gave his to us at three and said he didnt need it anymore, it was for baby's. Love you and keep on trucking. Every childs different.