Tuesday, July 29, 2008


While the child is away, the parents will play. Emma went to visit her Auntie and cousins last Friday and since then Morgan and I have been running amuck, staying up way past bedtime, sleeping in, going to movies, going out for coffee, enjoying long morning bike rides and trips to antique stores. Today we made a pretty cool find; a local candy factory!

We were out for a long bike ride this morning and ended up riding right past the Startup Candy Company. They were closed then so we went back a few hours later and discovered this cool candy that only they make (because one of the earlier Startup men invented it around 1900) called Magnolias. They're little candies that taste like flowers!! I am soooo buying some of these for Grandma's birthday. :) They mostly focus on doing wholesale and internet sales these days and their tiny shop front is only open from 12 - 2 Monday through Thursday. If you're in the area or feeling adventurous I highly recommend trying these candies. Enjoy!

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