Friday, August 29, 2008

10 minute post

I am blogging from my office, what a bad girl I am. I have about 10 minutes before I need to head downstairs so I thought I would update the blog a little.

1. I am finally in my new office, having moved around many heavy pieces of furniture all by myself thanyouverymuch. This great feeling of calm has settled over me (stop that laughing, Suzanne) and I think it's because I've decided to stop freaking out about whether or not I get into the AF, I am simply going to act "as if". So much in life can be accomplished with just a little bit of backbone. My current peaceful feeling may also be attributed to the semester having started and my office now being in an orderly fashion. I am such an organizer freak (not that my house reflects it, that's communal space and under a different category in my world) that I need to have ends tied up before I can breathe normally.

2. I am/was training to run a 5K on September 6th. I say was because on Tuesday I ran 2.3 miles and yesterday I stubbed my pinkie toe and ripped it open pretty badly so shoes mean bleeding foot right now. No doubt I look silly going to teach my class tonight in a dress and flip flops, but nothing else I had to wear on my feet would keep the pressure off my gash in my foot. Depending on how quickly my toe heals up I may or may not make that 5K next week.

3. I really need a new digital camera. This blogging thing is getting boring without pretty pictures of all the fun things I've been making lately. *sigh*

...and that's all the time I have for now, folks!


Jessica said...

your toe! youch! hope it heals.

Ben & Erica said...

I hope your toe is okay. Ouchie! We hope you are all well. Ben should be back to California sometime next Thursday or Friday Yay! Good luck with your race if you go through with it!!!
With Love, Erica

suzanne said...

Finally a place to belong! I am glad that you can have peace of mind by your organized surroundings. You are right I did start laughing. I didn't know you are racing.