Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quiet Moments

I often am torn between writing a blow by blow chronological account of my life and writing where I am at the moment. If I'm not really in context, will any of this even make sense? Here goes anyway.

An experience that stood out to me this week:

Getting onto a plane, I had a moment when I brushed against how deep and precious life is. It was nothing huge that triggered it, I was just watching all of the passengers ahead of me step through the threshold of the aircraft. We are all being packed into this small vessel and the accumulation of all those lives peeked at me. A wedding ring, two friends talking, a favorite book in hand. Our plane could fall from the sky, a metal capsule brimming full of people who have loves, children, ideas, words, aspirations, strength, songs and years of life behind them. What an aching loss it would be to the world to have even a relatively small slice of people disappear. Life is always from a first person point of view, but for just a second there I saw it from many points of view. How precious and amazing we all are.

Now go listen to this song. Achingly beautiful.

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Jessica said...

thanks for sharing your insipiring thoughts!