Friday, October 17, 2008

My week

My week so far has been interesting.

Monday: Cancel training session at the gym. Messed up ankle has yet to heal and I am trying to avoid any unnecessary walking. Students gripe about me not canceling class on Wednesday because fall break is Thursday thru Saturday and they really want an extra day off. I call them all wimps and thumb my nose at them. Besides, if I have to attend a department meeting on Wednesday right before their class, they should have to be in the building, too. It always rolls down hill, doesn't it?

Tuesday: A friend comes over for some wee ones playtime and when I get up to answer the door I twist my ankle again. Shoot. I hear my husband tell friend that if I don't stop hurting myself he will put me in a wheelchair. Children play, friends chat, babies poop and Emma heads to her first swim lessons with her Daddy. They have a great time while I am teaching a night class.

Wednesday: I make it to an early doctor's appointment and have the nice, somewhat handsome young man (who knows nothing about Economics and makes silly remarks to me about the general state of the economy when he mistakes me for a stay-at-home mommy) tells me I have a partially torn ligament in my ankle. Every time I hurt it the clock for healing resets and I have 4 - 6 weeks of resting up to do...each time. Ugh.

When I get home from work husband tells me we are not going camping because, frankly, I shouldn't be hiking and he really doesn't want the hassle. I breathe a secret sigh of relief. Next, dear husband surprises me with a plan for me to spend Saturday with a friend at a day spa with the money we would otherwise have spent on camping. Huzzah!!

Thursday: I sit. I finish quilt. The internets sucks me into extensive blog reading and I go to sleep very late (Friday morning).

Friday: More sitting. Merlot and steak were found for dinner along with an amazing frozen cake thing I am ashamed to say I had four servings of. On Monday my trainer is sooooo gonna have my butt.

Tomorrow: lather, rinse, repeat.

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