Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Still No Baby

I know we're all waiting with baited breath for the arrival of Widget ("The Widget is Comin! The Widget is Comin!") but sadly s/he is not here yet. Though I am having a bit of fun calling friends just to say, "Hi" and hearing the excited anticipation in their voice. *wink*

I know, I know, it's kinda mean of me but it makes me chuckle. :)

Cathy and Roger (Morgan's parents) are here and waiting for the little arrival and in the meantime we're working them like they're slaves. Since we're looking to buy a new house, we're fixing up things at our current house so we can put it on the market. Actually, they've been fixing up and painting the kitchen, breakfast nook and bathroom to help us out and I feel a bit guilty. I'm not even sure giving them a grandchild is going to be enough repayment for all their hardwork but man do we appreciate them doing all this!

Promise to keep everyone posted with Widget's progress after the doc appt tomorrow. Wish us luck!


Yolanda said...

We are so glad Morgon's parents are with you. Been thinking about you all afternoon & evening.
Love, Yolanda & Ken

Anonymous said...

If your breath smells like bait I reccomend breath mints. Hang in there your "friends" are rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well at the doctor. Everyone here in Indy is waiting with that icky bait breath too. Lol. Can't wait to see pics of what's going to be the cutest baby ever!! :)

Shannon and Brendan