Thursday, April 26, 2007

In readiness

On Saturday we have our big housewarming BBQ and I'm really excited and really exhausted. I've been busting tush for the past two weeks trying to make this house into a home while keeping up with the normal flow of laundry, dishes, toy clean-up and cooking. Let me say that the painting, gardening, unpacking, hanging of pictures, curtians and blinds, deep cleaning and general fix-it stuff you do when you move in have kept us all busy. Now if only we could kill all the wasps and garter snakes I could sleep well at night. *sigh* More whining, blah blah blah, whine whine, blah blah.

Oh, what was that? Snakes and bees you say? Why yes, it seems this house is a favorite nesting ground of wasps/yellow jackets/definetly-not-honeybees buzzy things. Which as it ranks is number two on my list of very bad things in your house. (Number one being black widow spiders, of course.) I counted no less than 8 wasp nests in progress when my father-in-law was here last week and thankfully he sprayed. Bad news: I think they're coming back. This may require professional help.

And the snakes? (oh my!) They've been sighted in the corner garden (one longer one and one shorter) so we knew there were at least two and when I was hoeing the garden to get it ready for planting I accidently killed one. Good news: it's a gater snake and they're not really agressive or poisionous (to my knowledge). Bad news: I killed the mommy snake because I saw a little baby snake haul tail out of there while I was trying to put the mommy out of it's pain and misery. Now I have no personal fear issues with snakes (unlike bees) but that fact that I have a toddler who loves to run free in the backyard makes me pretty nervous. I actually had nightmares about it that same night. But what do you do about snakes?

Anyway, I really should get working on this house and try to make it look a little more settled but maybe I'll just have a cup of tea and knit for a bit. I'm almost done with the back of a sweater for me. So far the yarn diet goes well and I haven't bought any new yarn except to finish projects already on the needles. Of course, now is when my dear Unraveled Sheep Yarn Shop is having it's spring sale. *sigh* Diets are never fun. I just finished a few knitting projects and I'll be posting them soon. :)

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