Saturday, April 14, 2007

We have arrived

After much panic, lugging of boxes and straining of backs we are moved. Yay!! I love our new house and Morgan and Emma seem equally happy. This place is downright huge! Especially since we've been squished into a 900 sq ft apartment for the last 10 months. :) We are thrilled, to say the least. The most interesting challenge has been the window coverings. The house had no blinds or curtains or rods when we moved in and it's been interesting to figure out what goes where. I think by Monday we should have the last of the blinds and curtains up so we can stop scaring the neighbors. (hehehehehe now they know for sure we're not Mormonish) Morgan's garage is still full of boxes and much remains to be done so I bid you all adieu. I'll post more later (with pictures!). :)

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