Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Lovely Ladies

Today I have more lovely ladies to show you all. May I present Phoenix and Black Cherry:

Phoenix is a fingering weight yarn that is so bright and breath-taking I might be more than a little in love with her. She loves fireworks and spicy food. :)

Black Cherry is a lace weight yarn in a demure but rich shade somewhere between dark pink, light purple and might be best called "mauve-ish". She enjoys a good book and loves to hunt for antique china.

And no, I'm not crazy. I'm just "unique". Now I'm off to sew some skirts for my trip to California next week. More yarn and sewing projects soon to come. I have another skein of lace weight yarn sitting on the stove cooling and those skirts will be done by tonight. :)

1 comment:

Annie said...

Lisa- I see that you are having TONS of fun doing this! And congrats on the sale!! I was thinking, when my kids were born I got oodles of blankets and sweaters made by grandmas, aunts, friends, etc.

Some of your colors should be baby-friendly, because I know there are LOTS of baby blankets being made in this world.

I know many of my "girl" blankets have pastel pinks,yellows, and purples. My "boy" blankets are pastel blues, and greens.

But, that's just some food for thought. You are making some very cool color combinations!