Monday, July 09, 2007

Up to?

*Warning: No pictures, the camera is dead until I buy more batteries. Sorry!*

What have I been doing this last week? Lots. And I have more planned for this week! :::insert maniacal laugher:::

Last week I got crackin' on my Central Park Hoodie and now all I have left is the sleeves. I also managed to nearly finish Emma's pair of socks, dye some lace weight yarn (No, I haven't sold any yet, Annie *sniff* ), bake some cakes and cookies, try a new Aqua Cardio class at the gym and organize my craft room with the new bookcase.

Morgan kept himself plenty busy and on Saturday he made me a lego ball-winder. Very cool but not really sturdy enough to do an entire hank of yarn. *sigh* He promises he'll make me a real one and I use my reverse psychology on him and say, "Sure ya will, honey." I expect one done within the month. :) The hilarious thing about my sweetie is that he really likes to help me, or at least doesn't mind a bit, with the yarn stuff. He'll build me a ball-winder, fix my niddy-noddy that I poorly made (from dowels, no less), untangle all my messy yarn, and admire my dye work but never once does he want me to make him anything or use my yarn. I think this is the perfect scenario for marital harmony and ultimate crafty-ness. I have a craft gnome to do my bidding who requires no payment.

In my random internet browsing I found so many neat ideas that I'm itching to start and plan to work on this week. That's the thing about crafty blogs, they get me all excited to work on something else and they're such great inspiration. This coming week I really want to make this cute smock for me and a little apron or top for Emma with big pockets for her to put her treasures in. This gallery of adorable handmade aprons on Flickr, called Tie One On, is so cute and it's really awesome to see what other people come up with. It's got my motor running.

Next in line are a pair of booties for my step-brother's baby due in a bout a month. Brooklyn Tweed has the cutest baby projects lately and I think I have the bug to make baby stuff. What lucky friends I have!

Also, it occurred to me that I do need to remember to finish the Seven Year Quilt to take to Sally. This poor quilt. I literally started it seven years ago and have since broken a sewing machine, moved countless times, torn the thing apart because it was crap, and then rebuilt it. It now has the top done (except for the edging) and the layers simply need to be tied together. Then bound. Ya think I can do it in the next 35 days? Here's hope-in'.

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