Monday, January 28, 2008

Drunken Squirrel Dancing

I am well on the road to recovery now and giving Mike the boot! The doctor confirmed that I was indeed suffering from the same stupid sinus infection I caught back in December and that the 10 day round of antibiotics did not kill it the first time. After another two more weeks I will be off the antibiotics (the second time) and glad to be done with all this icky sicky stuff.

With more sleep and more energy, there have been baking and cooking and knitting a plenty. Oh, and work, too. No worries, I am still keeping pace just fine. On Saturday I baked Scottish Shortbread that was nearly as good as the Walkers brand my family used to buy. It was my first attempt at shortbread and I was pretty proud of myself. The knitting project is a secret Valentines one so I can't show it just yet, but I promise I will soon. :) I love being sneaky like that. As for the cooking, I've been craving steak so badly it's not funny so tonight it's going to be T-bones, broccoli salad and a bottle of Merlot. *sigh* Does it get any better?

Oh, and the funniest thing I think I've ever seen was Emma trying to ballet dance this morning. I found a VHS of Beatrix Potter stories done by ballet dancers in costume. Very cute and Emma loved it since she adores animals. Even better was when she started trying to dance herself. Mostly it was running in circles, hopping and falling down. A drunk squirrel has probably done better ballet than my 2 year old, but it was still lots of fun to watch.

Have a great week!


Kristina said...

Hey! I've seen drunk squirrels (living on a college campus, what can you expect!) and they don't do so well! :) I'm sure Emma is much better! :)

Annie said...

such illness that surrounds us!
i had strep, isabelle had a UTI, my step-dad had sinus infection, lynn has an ear infection, and now carter has the stomach flu. we havent all been health since before christmas!!!! my goodness, i hope your feeling well soon and you dont get anything else!