Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Of the things that come

It has been said that those who write down their goals are the ones who go the furthest in achieving them. We all know writing them down is not enough, but perhaps it is a signal of how important these things are to us and how dedicated we are to them becoming reality. The writing is not the catalyst, merely the signal of our actions.

It's been a wild year and I have absolutely no idea what will come our way in the next 365 days. In honor of what has been and what I want to see, I present the 2007 accomplishments and the 2008 hopefuls.

In 2007:
  • Emma started talking: first with sign language, then with words and finally whole sentences.
  • Morgan started working at a new dealership.
  • I got my dream job (and I'm terrified but putting on my poker face).
  • Emma started giving kisses and hugs.
  • We moved into a new house in a new city!
  • Morgan finally got his 2-car garage and a shiny new air compressor to play with, too.
  • I discovered that some gyms have day care and Pilates is a mommy's best friend.
  • Morgan and I went to Alaska for a week and had an awesome adventure together.
  • I've learned that friendship is an amazing gift that we often overlook, but if we are lucky it will still be there when we open the door again.
  • I've found a new sense of my own strength in what I know I can do and how I can handle even the hardest of things.
  • I've come to appreciate the intricate workings of marriage and what it means to pledge your life to someone.
  • I discovered Papa Murphy's pizza and poker nights at home.
  • I knit my first two sweaters. One for Emma, one for myself and the one for Morgan is underway.
  • I have sewn three dresses for me and three for Emma.

In 2008:
  • I will do my best to be a great teacher.
  • I will help Emma learn and grow into the sweet child I see in her.
  • I will be the best wife I can be.
  • I will knit my husband a sweater (or two)!
  • I will be grateful for the little gifts life brings and be open to them.
  • I will train to run a 5K race as much as my knees will allow.
  • I will look for adventures and seek out the new.
  • I will get my passport renewed.
  • ...and I will not dye my hair.

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Sheila said...

Those are wonderful thoughtful goals. Me on the other hand, no goals. Just knit.