Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

This year my husband and I decided not to buy each other things for Valentines Day. Sounds fine to me. I figured making a batch of heart-shaped cookies doesn't count as buying anything so that is my Valentine to him and Emma, too.

I thought this might be a quick project and as much as I like to pretend that all these things are effortless and just flow from my fingertips at whim, I have to admit the whole process took me about 2 hours. Good thing Emma takes one long nap in the afternoon!

I also managed to learn something new. You can paint color onto cookies either before or after baking by just diluting food coloring with water and brushing it on. Pretty cool. Next time I'll let Emma help with the painting but after she colored all over the couch with a pair of highlighters yesterday morning I wasn't too eager to give her more resources to color my house with.

May your Valentines Day be sweet and full of love.

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