Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monkey Love

The super-secret project unveiled!

May I present, Mr. Monkey. I am sure that someday the 1 1/2 year old boy, Nick, who now has him will give him a wonderful and suitable name but for our purposes today he is simply Mr. Monkey.

Pattern: Monkey by Fiona McTague from Knitted Toys
Yarn: Peaches & Cream 100% cotton, 2 balls of Chocolate and 1 ball of Army Tan. The pattern calls for worsted weight wool but this yarn was much cheaper and wonderfully washable. The only downside was that knitting with cotton is such a booger! That's probably part of why this project took me so long.
Mods: My mother-in-law makes sure that all her stuffed animals have hearts inside them so I took her idea one step further and stitched a heart on his chest. I just think it's too sweet! Also, I put magnets in Mr. Monkey's paws so that they will stick together. Much better for giving hugs that way. Oh, and every traveling monkey needs a scarf, too.

I started this little guy last July because he was supposed to be a 1st birthday present for Nick, then a Christmas present and now he's finally there for Valentines Day. I'm pitiful, I know. It's almost like once I put a project down I never pick it up again. *sigh* Either way, he's done now and I think he looks awesome.

Happy Valentines Day, Nick!


Ben & Erica said...

The cutest monkey ever! I will post a picture of him with it and carrying it around sometime tonight or tomorrow. Also your blog inspired me to do a scrapbook page of it. Your photos and words are saved to be printed and I'll post a picture as soon as I get the right paper and get it together!

suzanne said...

Yeah, you finished it. You crack me up, I think it is funny that you put the monkey in real person poses to take pictures of him. You should be a photographer. It shows your sense of humor and pride in what you accomplished.

Annie said...

love the heart, love the magnet hands, and love the scarf! ....da dah daaa, cause you're awesome, ahh-haa!