Monday, March 31, 2008

Right when they're supposed to

The daffodils and tulips finally bloomed and I can't tell you how excited I was. It had been weeks of watching the green leaves come up, small buds form and it was agonizing to wait and see when they would finally explode with color. I anxiously asked Morgan when they would bloom and his (wonderful, patient and frustrating) answer was, "Right when they're supposed to."

At last the flowers came, like a sigh of relief, that finally spring might be here.

Pattern: Garter Stitch Silk Slippers by Erica Knight
Yarn: Jager Trinity
For: Holly's (expected) baby girl to match the hat I knit for the baby shower
Mods: none

These slippers have been done for a while, just waiting for me to sew the ribbon onto them and for Holly to come pick them up during our weekly playgroup. Holly was thrilled with them and said she wanted to put them into her hospital bag...especially since the hat was already packed and needed something to match it.

It fills me with such joy to think that a new baby's first shoes and hat might be ones made by my hands. I still have Emma's coming home outfit and whenever I take it out I have to hold back the swelling in my chest. To hold your child and bring them home for the first time is a huge rite of passage for parents and I feel honored to be a very small part of that. Best wishes, Holly! I know how anxious you must be and your bundle of joy will be here...right when she's supposed to.

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