Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good News

We have some great news! We found an awesome apartment in Sandy, just a bit south of SLC that will let us keep both dogs and the cat...oh, and the baby, too. ;) It's such a relief to have that part all taken care of.

Emma apparently had a great time visiting her family in Colorado Springs. She smiled and laughed and told us all about it. The only bad part was her poor Auntie got sick right before Emma came home. At least Emma has decided to sleep through the night now so there is a break from the never-ending action. I swear that kid must chug coffee when I'm not looking. She's working real hard on trying to crawl and it'll be any day now, heaven help me. By the way she's been eating I'm sure she's hitting a growth spurt, too. She's just growing up too fast!!!


Aaron Bostel said...

Just wanted to say congratulations the family looks great hope everything continues going well

Sarah said...

Hey Liz,
I wanted to return some of the other things I borrowed. please e-mail me through our blog ( so I can mail them to you. Thank you again for your generosity. Sarah