Thursday, May 04, 2006


Also, we just recently came to the conclusion that we're going to be moving back to Salt Lake City, UT.

(Quick catch-up: We have our house on the market and were planning to move down to Loveland, CO to be closer to Morgan's work but since we're moving we thought about moving back to SLC. We went back to visit when Emma was about 6 weeks but decided it would be too expensive.)

We thought the SLC option was probably dead but Morgan's old boss called him last week with a firm offer. It turns out he can almost double his hours out there meaning a lot more money for us so it wouldn't be too expensive and we could actually start getting ahead. I might even be able to have health insurance again! Woo hoo!

So as soon as the house sells we'll be moving back to Utah. The only down-side is that the school systems in Utah are not so hot because there are way too many kids for the population...I wonder why...

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