Thursday, May 04, 2006

Maybe she's teething...

Disclaimer: Emma is an awesome baby 98% of the time and not really a crier but...

I swear, some mornings she just wants to make me crazy! At 4:30 am she started her newest trick: cry like she's hungry but scream when I try to give her the bottle and after crying about it for 5-30 minutes, finally take the bottle and calm down. It makes my hair stand on end and my eyes cross.

But here's the real kicker. At 6:10 when she finally ate and then Daddy picked her up, she looks over at me and SMILES! Like she's saying, "Ha Ha Ha, I win!"

And we all can guess there's no going back to bed after an hour and a half of baby wrangling. Anyway, here's a picture of Emma at 6 weeks when she was having a screamin day so I gave her a mohawk and a pacifier just to make myself laugh.

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