Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rollin Rollin Rollin...

Recently Emma has discovered she has toes and can roll over. Since then there's just been no stopping her. Crazy kid loves to roll over onto her tummy now and like to sleep with her face planted in the mattress. Horrifying to her mama!

So tomorrow we (Emma and I) hit the road to go meet up with her Auntie and cousin so they can play for the weekend while Morgan and I go scout an apartment in Salt Lake City. We need to find a place and hopefully we'll sign a lease to get that all taken care of. The hardest thing is going to be finding the right place for the right price since the house here isn't sold or under contract yet. Translation: we're going to be paying for a house here and an apartment there but we have a baby, a cat and one dog coming with us.

Yes, sadly, Johnny will be looking for a new home and it breaks our hearts but he keeps almost stepping on Emma just because he doesn't pay any attention. That and he's a big dog and it'll be hard to walk both of the dogs while I'm carting around Emma at the same time. *sigh* Does it get easier someday? Life in general that is....

So from here on out it's gonna be pretty hairy. We travel this weekend and then after the 8th we'll pretty much be on the road until the 18th. Yuck.

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