Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Boy

Today is, you guessed it, my husband's birthday. This year I even remembered it!!

Don't laugh, the first year we were married I was sick and totally spaced it was his birthday. It didn't help that we had just gotten back from our honeymoon and my brain was totally fried. Worse: it took me a while to figure out why I had this nagging feeling of forgetting something. He laughed his butt off when I figured it out...four days later. *sigh* He married a blond, he should have known I make to-do lists and have a detailed calendar for a good reason.

Anyway, this year my husband asked for a party and a party it was. We had friends over, a hot grill and booze. My god, I have never seen so much beer in one place that wasn't a bar. We had five plus cases of beer, mojitos, vodka tonics, rum in several flavors ("Aaarrggh, matey!"), several bottles of wine, Jagermister and more. Holy moly. Looking through the pictures it totally cracks me up that you can spot the "before drinking" shots because, well, everyone has their eyes open and their mouths shut.

For your amusement here is a small sampling:

Happy Birthday Morgan!

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