Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Things that make you smile

This weekend was wonderful and I really wish our little family had more time together than just two days (and the odd evening hours) per week.

On Friday night a wonderful friend of ours let Emma come play with her kids while the Mr. and I enjoyed a nice dinner out at an Italian restaurant. I can't tell you how much Morgan and I have neglected making time alone together since Emma was born. Lately we've been making a bigger effort at finding the time to enjoy each other's company and it's been so nice. I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful man and being with him makes me warm inside...except for my feet which will always be cold. :)

Saturday was a nice day to get out and go to a reservoir up by Park City but it got old as the morning got warmer and there was no shade. Emma enjoyed riding on her daddy's shoulders and as soon as we got back to the car she passed out. Poor little thing was so tired. Next we drove into Salt Lake City to pick out yarn for Morgan's new sweater and then home again home again.

Sunday found us all going north to visit the new Ikea and holy cow do they have a lot of stuff. I especially loved the children's section for their toys. Emma has become obsessed with Thomas the Train and even prefers him over Elmo, so I was pleased to find these adorable train sets for such a reasonable price. I think we can guess where many of Emma's birthday and Christmas gifts are coming from.

Coming home was even nicer because there were rainbows waiting to greet us. It sounds silly but I haven't seen a rainbow in so long I'd forgotten how beautiful they are. Emma certainly seemed to think they were pretty too based on her "wow!"s.

Monday was a lazy day with errands, ice cream, a drive up to the overlook, a stop at the park and snuggling for movies. Aren't they so cute? I hope you all had a great weekend, too.

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