Monday, September 17, 2007

Up to?

Oh my dears, it's been too long. What have I been up to? Well...

1. I'm working on a Turning Twenty quilt that I hope to piece together this week. It's my fall quilt and I love it so much. Sadly, my craft budget has disappeared for a while so I can't buy batting or backing to finish it just yet. *sniff sniff*

2. I love garagesaleing. This is my most recent and wonderful find. That's right, a Diane Von Furstenburg pattern of her famous wrap dress. The downside: it's for a 43" bust and this pattern predates the multi-size patterns so there is no way in heaven this lovely creation will ever fit me. *sigh* I'm contemplating selling it on e-bay and hoping some beautiful and talented woman will buy it and make it.

3. We went camping and Emma is almost big enough to fit into her size 2 jacket my father bought her forever ago. Doesn't she looks so cute and ready for fall?

4. It came from my garden. It's so big we contemplated tethering it last night so it didn't come for us in our sleep. What? You've never heard of the attack of the killer zucchini?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I love the pattern for the wrap dress. You know my mom is a seamstress and a wiz at creating patterns or shrinking, or enlarging them to become different sizes. :) Maybe we could do a trade of sorts? I could buy the pattern from you and see what my mom can do about making it into a size that would be perfect for you :) and me too because 43 would definitely not be my size, Bridgett's "little" gift to me will assure i will never fit a 43" bust.