Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuzz Junkie (or is it Junky?)

Morgan hit it right on the nose last night when he called me a "Fuzz Junkie." Probably because it was one of those quiet moments and he asked me what I was thinking about and I told him thrumming. Or maybe it was because I was so upset when someone snaked not one but two e-bay lots I was winning away from me (in the last 25 minutes!!! that snake!!) while we had friends over for dinner. Or maybe it's because I went all loopy over this lovely yarn and for the past couple days Emma has watched too much Baby Einstien so I can knit her a sweater with it. Hey, and I'm almost done, too! *phew* I would say this might be unhealthy and that I need a hobby but, wait, this is my hobby...

Also, Emma has taken to trying on all my stuff. While it will be a bit before she starts stealing my shoes, she's already working on stealing my clothes. :)

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