Saturday, February 03, 2007

No Board

So I've decided that it's a bit silly to try to scramble and do all the fun things you could possibly do just because you can. (Did that actually flow and make sense? It's late and I'm getting ready for bed.) I think I'll just be lazy and sit around instead of going snowboarding. Of course, by being lazy I mean I spent the day cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping, doing laundry and going out to dinner with a friend. Boy, you should see me on a busy day! *wink and a laugh*

I think I might get that from my father, he always seemed to have to do something...and the clean freak part I'm sure I got from my mother. My Dad was funny because no matter how early I called he was always awake. Seriously. I tried it once at 6:15 and he was up and on his second cup of coffee or something. I used to think it was because old people don't need as much sleep as us young pups, but now I think it may have been some form of hyperactivity that's genetic so you just can't sit still. I know Emma has it. Anyway, off to bed with me. That will be all.

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