Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines List

In honor of this day of mushy luvy stuff I want to present my list of (some of the very many reasons) why I love many people in my life.

1. I love Emma because she has taught me just how unselfish I can be.
2. I love Morgan because he gave me Emma.
3. I love Emma because every day I have the chance to model the behavior I want to see her take into the world.
4. I love Morgan because he has helped me be a better person.
5. I love Morgan because he has always been supportive of me in my education and all other insane pursuits I dream up that bring me happiness.
6. I love Emma because she is my child and at once she is so different but so familiar to me.
7. I love my brother because he has never said, "I told you so!" even though there have been ample opportunities to do so and he has been right 96% of the time...maybe more but we don't want him to get big-headed. *wink*
8. I love my in-laws (yes, ALL OF THEM!) because even though someone once told me you can't join a family like you join the army, boy was she wrong because I signed up and I'm lucky to be a part of something I can't lose no matter how much they want to lock me in a closet.
9. And last, but never least, I love the family I was born with because coming to see them is like I've never been away. Kaydee told me that's just what family is.

And if you're not on this list it doesn't mean I don't love you. :) It just means I need to get off the computer sometime today.

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