Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Bad and The Ugly

So you've seen the good. Now comes the rest.

First, The Bad. This necklace is not bad, I actually really love it and Emma is fascinated by it. I'm the one who was bad because this beauty was made by my brother and gifted to me when I graduated. I've never worn it before because it had a clear square pendant that just never sat well with me. Firstly, the pendant was drilled incorrectly so there was this ugly misdrilled and then re-drilled channel running down the middle of the square crystal bead. Secondly, the clear bead was too light to be the focus of the necklace. About two weeks ago I just got a wild hair and changed out the pendant to what you see in the picture. I've since worn it at least three days. That says volumes since it previously sat in my jewelry box for years...literally. I think this necklace may actually have super powers. Worn with a plain jersey knit dress it makes the whole get-up go from blah to wow. :) I even tried the thing where you take it off and then put it back on and the difference was night and day. I think this alone may justify the blasphemy of messing with the crafting of someone else.

And now we come to The Ugly. This dress is a casualty in so many ways. I decided to be a bit wild with the fabric and I like it up close but from a reasonable distance it looks like...pea soup. Yuck. To add insult to injury the pattern is messed up. Yes, I again blame the freakin' pattern and the horse it rode in on. I measured three times and compared with the pattern picture but somehow there is too much fabric being bunched by the elastic so it poufs right at the waistline. Talk about unflattering. As my friend put it this morning, "Wow, it makes you look pregnant." Not something the girl who is going to the gym 5 times a week wants to hear.

Now you have seen my shame but have no fear. Better times lie ahead. I mean, it can only get better from here.


Annie said...

i have a screened in porch, and yes, we love it. it just needs a new floor, and paint...but lets finish my bathroom first.

how do you get to the gym 5 days a week????????? i'm so jealous! between working full time, and the two kids, i hardly have energy to spare! i have to say i'm in the worse shape i've ever been in, and at my heaviest weight ever. its depressing, and i try to do things about it. but cooking healthy meals that carter will eat, and just cooking in general, and eating healthy...its expensive and time consuming. both things i try to skimp on. i like cheap, and i like fast. like frozen pizza, and corndogs, and canned veges. i'm not much of a chef, but jer is, and he's never home! :(
ever see take home chef on tlc???
yeah, i need him. i need him on a daily basis, and i dont want to cook WITH him, i want him to cook for me, while i fold laundry...hehe.
okay, bla bla bla

Ben & Erica said...

I really like what you did with the necklace! It is very pretty!