Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paintin' on her toes

One of my great coping tools in life is having painted toenails. Don't ask why because I don't have an answer, all I know is that when there are no pretty toes there is not a happy Lisa. When I was super pregnant and had not seen my own toes in weeks Morgan painted my toenails for me to make me feel less whale-ish. He figured if he could paint a car he could paint my toes...and he put racing stripes on me. I kid you not.

Now that I have Emma it's hard to find precious alone time to do my toesies so she often sees me in the process of painting the toes. I never realized how much children mimic until Emma and it cracks me up that a 17 month old girl wants her Mommy to paint her toes. The really crazy part is that she sits still long enough for me to paint them and lets them dry. Nuts. I can only assume it must be genetic. :) Hence the matchy-matchy cute toes picture.

As this post indicates, I'm going to keep the blog the way it is. Much has been going on in the last few weeks so stay tuned! :)


Shannon said...

What cute little painted toesies..... you two will i'm sure find much time to bond over those... .lol... miss you guys.... oh and what's been going on the last three weeks? (she says with a curious stare)

Ben & Erica said...

That is adorable! I can't hardly find the time to paint mine either :( Hopefully when Nick is old enough to mimic, he won't want me to paint his too.... LOL