Friday, May 04, 2007

Should I delete this blog?

Hi Everyone!

I have no way of tracking how many people or who exactly visits this website. I'm not sure if anyone reads this site or if people I don't want to know my personal life are reading it (and you know who you are). I am contemplating a few courses of action.

1. Restrict this blog so you need to log-in to read it
2. Delete this blog
3. Leave it as is

Please leave a comment for me about what you think. If no one leaves a comment or no one really seems to care about the fate of this blog I might just delete it. I mean, why put the time and energy into blogging for nothing? Oh, and sign your name to your post because I have no idea who "anonymous" is.

Many Thanks!


Shannon Gillespie said...

No!!! Please don't delete it Lisa. With my busy schedule and the fact that I live so very far away..... this blog is my (sadly) only connection to my best friend and the women who make him happiest in life. Please don't delete it and I promise I'll respond more and comment more and tell Morgan I'll call more!!


Ben & Erica said...

Everytime I'm online I go to this blog to catch up on the news!! I don't always comment because of the crazy world of infantcy! I'll try really hard to make more comments!!! Love Ya! Erica

Annie said...

hi lisa,
this may come as a suprise to you, but i read your blog, and am inspired by it. i created a blog on myspace after my dad (steve) showed me yours, but i'm thinking of changing from my space to blogger. its less chatty, ya know? but finding the time to create my myspace page was challenging, so i'm not sure when i'll ever have time to create a blogger page. anyway, dont delete your page. i read it, and my father reads it, i know forsure. check out my page at
Annie (jeannie's step-daughter)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, This is Sarah (Liz Hagar's friend from Wyoming. You are so lucky you get to stay home with Emma. I work full time and it breaks my heart every time I leave Bridgett at day care. I wish I had more time to update our blog. Bridgett is growing so fast. I also wish I had time to knit. I love your summer sweater. I read your blog now and then. I still wouldn't mind your e-mail address sometime so I could mail you the baby things I borrowed from you back in Wyoming, that is if I can find them. We are basically living out of just a few boxes and the rest of our stuff is in storage. our blog is linked off of Liz's old blog. do you know what happened to her? We sure wish we knew. She never responds to our e-mails and hasn't updated her blog in forever. Sarah Walters

Annie said...

So, Lisa. When will you be posting a new blog???? I'm waiting...

Anonymous said...

Just leave it. I like seeing all the projects your working on and seeing the pics of Emily,

Annie said...

hey, you know, you can put a ticker on your site. that way you know how many people are clicking into your site. i just added mine, and i have to say, strangers or not, i'm amazed my site gets the hits it does!