Friday, May 25, 2007

new words and trips

Emma's vocabulary is increasing so quickly this week. She's had a new word for almost every day.
Saturday: lots of "wow"s as we hiked up Rock Canyon
Sunday: "baby"
Monday: "hello"
Tuesday: "cheese"
Thursday: "bye"

We've been getting a kick out of every new word she comes up with and she's showing some very definite likes and dislikes. We have this awesome stroller and backpacking carrier (courtesy of my very generous brother) that Emma loves. I mean every time she gets into the garage and sees her stroller (or her backpack carrier) she climbs into it and cries if you take her out. Oh well, the exercise is good for me. :) The picture was taken last Saturday when we went hiking up Rock Canyon.

I've also finished a couple of projects and I'll post the good, the bad, and the ugly next.


Annie said...

We have that same backpack carrier that we used for Carter. He loved it, and we went for walks every day throughout the summer. Now he's too big for it..well, maybe not. I'm sure it would still hold him, but I'm not gonna put him in it. :) I'll have to wait until Isabelle is big enough for it to enjoy it again. I really loved having it, and the kids love being in a backpack too. Its really a good buy!

Ben & Erica said...

How exciting, I can't wait until Nick starts talking. He babbles right now mamama and sometimes dada, but I don't think he is actully saying the words. He is almost walking now, cruising around on everything! The hiking looks way fun! Ben was supposed to take me camping when we moved here... I'm still waiting! Looks like you guys are doing great, we miss you!