Monday, October 15, 2007

Catching Up

I am sooo bad. I read everyone else's knitting/life/sewing blogs on a daily basis and I get so impatient waiting for them to post again and here I go not blogging for 10 days. tsk tsk tsk

Anyway, we've been busy at least. There was more canning, this time apple butter and flavored applesauces. I must say, they came out very well and I'm pleased with my results but definitely done canning for this year. It's so much prep work and clean up.

Next came the Lil' Devil Hat for Emma's Halloween costume. So cute and so on the mark at times.

Pattern: Lil' Devil Baby Hat
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in Maple Leaf

I knit the hat in two days but the horns were a bit trickier to figure out the placement of so the project as a whole took me almost a week to finish. Love it!

Also, we had a Pumpkin Party at our house for our group. All the wee ones painted pumpkins and I was really surprised at how well Emma did. She held her paintbrush tightly, only painted on the pumpkin, dipped her brush into the colors on the tray and did a lovely job. I'm so proud of her!

And to round out the flurry of activity, my step-mom came to visit. It was so nice to talk with her about my Dad, whom we miss very much and Emma loved seeing her Grandma. It had been a while since we last got together and I was a bit nervous about how Emma would react but she went to Bea like a fish to water. With her she brought some boxes and I now have some old things of his including his wallet, some beer steins he collected from when we lived in Germany and his old military uniform. It's the smallest things that hold the most memories for me and I am glad to have them. His wallet was always with him and I remember seeing it so often that it was like an extension of him to me, this little thing he carried every day of his life. His military uniform is a symbol of his career he was so proud of, and it warms my heart to see it again.

Ok, no sniffing or tearing up. Now look at another cute picture of Emma. Toodles!

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Top Hat said...

Hey. I saw you on Ravelry, so I came by to check out your blog. Cute costume!