Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leaves & Snow

Fall is one of the few times every year that you can play in the leaves one morning and in the snow the next morning. Saturday was a day of changing weather so Morgan went out to rake leaves and mow before the cold front came in. Emma thought Daddy needed some help so she kindly lent a hand.

The next morning there was snow and Emma has decided she loves snow. I helped her pick a wee pumpkin from the (nearly dead) garden and then Daddy helped her make a snowman just her size. Too cute!! That lucky stiff even got a kiss.


Annie said...

nice pic. sorry, but i coulnt help but to notice your dog taking a crap in the background. he he he.
fall is great, isn't it???

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures! I miss the leaves and the snow of the cold country. Life in AZ is no fun. It was 95 according to my car today. We roasted. :( I can't wait for us to be able to settle down back in Wyoming.