Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think it was temporary insanity. I'd been contemplating cutting Emma's hair for a while because it was looking so scraggly when it wasn't put in pigtails, but yesterday morning it happened. I was trimming my bangs and Emma was sitting on the counter next to me, hair wet, playing with some hairbands. Next thing I knew, I'd made the first cut.

Suddenly I thought, "Oh crap, I've done it and I can't stop now or she'll look really funny."

And when her hair dried it (of course) shrank up and ended up being a bit shorter than I intended. *sigh* I feel like a git but at the same time, the more I see it on her the more I like her new haircut. She's just so darn cute she'd probably look adorable even if you shaved her head. What do y'all think about Miss Emma's new do?

(Sorry for the poor picture but it's so hard to get little one to hold still for more than 3 seconds.)

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Sarah said...

I think it's cute. My husband has butchered Bridgett's hair twice now and i get very crabby at him each time. He hasn't cut the back yet but he cuts her bangs. The first time he cut them wet and cut more than a 1/2 inch off. Of course they shrunk up and Bridgett had no bangs. I'll have to find a picture of it sometime to show you. You did a much better job and it looks cute. :)