Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We be cannin'

That's right, today my friend and I decided to venture into the wild unknown of home canning. I must say, I think it was a success. So far we have 12, 1 quart jars of home-made apple pie filling. Be warned, most of it is going to be issued as Christmas gifts so remember to feel properly awed and special when you get one...if you should be so lucky. It took about 6 hours of washing, peeling, slicing, stewing and boiling to make these beauties. I even added a "special" ingredient to these that will, shall we say, "Help spread some holiday cheer." Hehehehehehe


Ben & Erica said...

Great job on the apples! Looks and sound like you worked very hard on them. And yummie, too!!!

Annie said...

You are so motivated!!! I wish I liked spending time in the kitchen. Frankly, I despise it.
I tried to make my own baby food when Carter was little, and that lasted 1 week. I have made AN apple pie from scratch before, and have made strawberry jam to can once before. That's all this housewife is made of! You are impressive! Good job!