Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green and Growing Things

The apple tree out back is blossoming as of this very morning.

Emma and I worked in the garden on Saturday and the legacy rhubarb is alive and thriving. You know, the rhubarb plants that came from my Father's home in Wyoming that he transplanted from his Grandmother's farm in Wisconsin. After my father died, I had Morgan bring me some of those plants when I started my garden last year. They were so scrawny I was afraid they wouldn't make it. I can remember sitting in the grass and almost crying, "I know my Dad is dead now but would you at least let the plants live? Please?!?"

Small blessings come every day.

Thank you, God.


Sarah said...

So glad that your garden is growing with plants full of love!!!

Annie said...

I hate my apple trees....but your's look purty!