Friday, April 04, 2008

Turn up the heat

Freshly baked bread! Homemade apple butter! Few things are as satisfying as those "I-made-it-myself-and-boy-does-it-taste-great" moments. I found this book from this blog and as soon as our local library had it available it was in my hot little hands. Since then we've made fresh bread and calzones. *sigh* It has the stamp of approval from this household. Go on, give it a try. No doubt, you will love it, too.

Other fun news: I'm going to be teaching more! I will teach three classes this summer and two more in the fall. This job is so much fun and a really great experience for me...hopefully for my students, too. Today I'm a little nervous because I have a social to go to tonight for adjunct faculty. I look young for my age and I am young to be teaching at a university so I'll most likely be the youngest and least educated faculty member at this dinner. *gulp* Well, I guess this is when we have to "act as if." My high school class didn't vote me Most Charming for nothing. Wish me luck!

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