Wednesday, April 16, 2008

coming this week...

It's Wednesday and already it's been a crazy week. Monday saw a sick Emma, the news that my hard drive is crashing. (Apparently it's in a slow downward spiral. It still works...for the moment.) Tuesday I canceled my day classes to stay home with Emma and make sure she wasn't going to throw up anymore. Oh joy.

For the rest of the week I'm planning:

* To make this dress for Emma in a fabric that matches one of my skirts that she's fallen in love with. Then she can stop running around the house with my skirt that is 23 times too big for her.

* Finish Yellow Duck. He now has two legs, but no arms yet. I'm still knitting the arms.

* Read lots of papers from my classes and finish editing the final exam.

* Bake more bread. The Artisan Bread book is awesome and the Cheese Bread recipe is my favorite so far. Especially with an egg wash. YUM!

* Playgroup on Friday and BBQ on Saturday.


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